Project Number Four: “Street Life”

This project is more or less a straight street/documentary photography project, with the area of streets confined and with a focus on presenting a series of photographs based on a theme.

My area of Oxford that I am confined to is more or less the dead centre so immediately lots of ideas are possible.

For the first day I decided to wander around only taking a few photographs to get a sense of the area and come up with some ideas for themes.

I know the area well already so I had already a few ideas, including focussing on butcher shops in the covered market, or photographing faces on Cornmarket street covertly.

A very promising idea presented itself when I revisited a fairly hidden mews off St Aldate’s called New Inn Yard. The yard is a slightly surreal corner consisting of a taxi rank, a casino and a gigantic wall, which I believe is the back of Marks and Spencers.

I thought this was already an interesting spot, and was taking a few test shots when two builders asked why I was photographing the area. I told them about the project and they seemed really interested, and mentioned some interesting facts.

Firstly where the giant wall is used to be a strip of tiny Victorian houses, which photographs apparently exist of, and the taxi rank has been there for 70 years owned by the same family. One of the garages there is reserved for the Mayor of Oxford’s car.

More interestingly one man was renovating the buildings next to the rank which apparently date back to the Renaissance inside, and are apparently very striking. He said I should come back next week and he’ll let me have a look which could be interesting.

Street photography is one of my favourite areas of art and the one I’ve probably had the most experience in so I am looking forward to continuing with this project.

9:33AM 27.09.16


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