“Street Life” Day Three



The second day of shooting on the street was much more successful. I shot in both 35mm film and with a very compact digital camera- this was very useful for taking candid shots such as the one above.

I focussed on finding areas and ideas that could be interesting as a theme. Having found some success with the panoramic supermarket pictures yesterday I continued in this vein.

I found that while initially I had thought my area was mostly the historic centre of Oxford, in reality much of the space consists of the more modern, developed section of the city centre, which in spots is actually very urban and sometimes quite run down.

I centred on the Westgate centre which was a pretty brown atypical 70s shopping complex, and now as a result of expansion is a gigantic building site. The cranes are absolutely huge.

I wandered around the edges trying to find some spots of interest, the best being a small housing estate from which all the cranes are very visible.


Here I also continued making panoramas of the blocks of flats which so far are looking very good alongside the supermarket panoramas. However I want to go back and reshoot on digital and make something more ambitious with lots of photographs.

I really liked the estate as a subject matter because in photography previously I’ve been really interested in documenting architecture in the UK, especially the kind of brown post war 70s styles that are disappearing slowly from regeneration and gentrification that are so much on show here. The giant redevelopment in the background only strengthens this idea for me.


29.09.16 1:31PM


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