“Street Life” Day Four

The bulk of the days photographs were taken in the city centre at around 5 o clock. The light was very gold and the shadows of people on the street were lengthened. This created some interesting results.

I was thinking of creating a series of images and at one point took a huge number of images of people walking across the street; the camera was in a fixed position. This created a cinematic effect as different people move across the cameras view. However I decided not to use these for a physical presentation because there were so many images.

My most successful series of pictures were the camera fixed at one point on the pavement, and then capturing figures as they were at the edge of the frame. This meant the focus was on giant shadows which dominate the frame in most instances.

I stood and tried to capture the amazing light but ultimately I think the compact digital camera I am using was too basic. The photographs don’t really capture the effect of the light on the buildings and people. However at the very least I did get some results which are good and which show an approximation of the weather.

My main influence here was the great American street photographer Joel Meyerowitz. He used colour brilliantly, often also exploiting long shadows. Above all I think his work brilliantly captures the chaos of the street scene but manages to control the chaos and turn it into beautiful images at exactly the right moment. This is incredibly difficult to emulate.

Joel Meyerowitz- New York 1975


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