“Street Life” Project Review

I thought this was a great project to work on for a week and a half.

Street photography is probably the area I’ve had the most experience in so it was really nice to do something I’m familiar with; at the same time the brief made sure that I tried new things. In this case it was making sure to stay in one area and to produce a thematically unified set of photographs. These were great limitations as I had to focus in on one thing rather than simply wander around and get some nice shots, which is what I’ve mostly done previously.


One of my previous photographs (London 2014)

It was great doing the research do rediscover some street photographers who I’d been completely obsessed by last year and find some new photographers like Mitch Epstein and the great Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama.

Mitch Epstein- New York West Side Highway 1977

I loved exploring the area around the Westgate development and went to areas of Oxford I’d never been to before. I also met a lot of strange people, like a man feeding geese who explained to me at length the excellent eyesight of the goose.


Westgate Project Excerpt

I’m really pleased with some of my photographs, especially the series regarding the strange clash of architectures around the large Westgate building site. This followed on nicely from architectural photography relating to urban gentrification which I’ve been interested in previously as a subject. I would even like to continue that part of the project later on.

Displaying the work and looking at everybody else’s photographs was also really great, getting good feedback and seeing amazing ideas by others doing the project.

One aspect I thought was brilliantly useful was being forced to use a digital camera. Previously I have almost exclusively used film and so it was valuable to consider digital. I now think that while film possibly is the more fun and intuitive process, there are advantages to digital photography, not the least the absolutely obscene amount of photographs you can take.

Wolfgang Tillmans- Corinne on Gloucester Place 1993

I would say that my least successful efforts were in presentation which I would love to explore more later on. I also think that the genre of street photography is inherently spontaneous, so it is probably quite impossible to get anything great down in such a short period; nonetheless I definitely took some pictures I’m pleased with.


Further in depth appraisal of William Klein’s work.


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