“Towards Abstraction” Day Two

A very productive day for this project. I started off by continuing work on my Cubistic study, hoping something would eventually happen.

Work on this eventually petered out, forcing me to think of something else. I decided to experiment with harder edges and playing around with masking tape. This was the result:


“Fourth Study”

This is the piece I am most pleased with so far. It is still very derivative of Suprematism but I really like the minimal result, especially the white on white. Using the masking tape to create straight lines was really pleasing, and I like how the actual paintwork is quite textured within the boundaries, rather like in the work of Sean Scully. I like the idea of abstract paintings being paired down to the bare essentials, pure colours and straight lines.

Sean Scully- Four Days


Anyway I think this picture was quite a breakthrough. What I think would be a great next step is combining the masking tape method with the multi-perspective process of Cubism; these are my two favourite things so far and I think combining them could create something new, a kind of hard edge Cubism.

I showed my work to Myfanwy who gave me some great ideas. She suggested I make some more Cubist observational studies and then play around with removing the black lines or changing the colour. She also suggested working on a different substrate with my more abstract colour pieces to play with the idea of negative space; previously the white of the paper has been the negative space (very convenient). Isolating sections of my Cubist studies and making pieces from the segments was another suggestion which I will definitely do next week.

Some works in progress.

Thus I headed back to the studio and continued experimenting in the Cubist and hard edge Suprematist styles, and will attempt to combine them later on when I have more material. I am planning to then investigate the ideas that Myfanwy came up with.


Another quick study.




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