“Towards Abstraction” Day Four

I started to do two things; work on Myfanwy’s suggestions, and my own idea of combining cubist and hard edged techniques.


Isolated section of a cubist study meets masking tape.


Blockier colours meet cubist isolation.


Here I started playing around with Myfanwy’s idea of changing the line colour, in this case to white. I also used the masking tape. 


Carrying out the same idea with yellow.


And indeed blue. I was going to fill in the gaps with colour but the constructions, especially the white, were a little too pleasing already.


Isolating an area of my larger Cubist study from last week. Limiting colour palette more now.


And then adding the colour change. A non-artist friend said the blocks of colour were really pleasing to the eye, that the whole thing was pleasing in general. This in itself was pleasing.


Same with this one. I like the little studies. My friend also compared these studies to mechanical devices which I liked, quite a link to the cubism they are derived from.

20161018_091140_picmonkeyedThis I think is the first part of what I’d like to do next, dispense with line completely leaving only planes of colour. I realised I would need to work on a larger scale.


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