Paris Visit: “Uprisings” at the Jeu de Paume

Image result for jeu de paume uprisings

Photo: Gilles Caron

Located in the Jardin des Tuileries, the Jeu de Paume is one of the main museums in Paris for photography and video art.

The current temporary exhibition “Uprisings” features a more expansive collection of artefacts, including drawings, paintings and mixed media pieces alongside the usual selection of photographs and films.

As the title suggests the exhibition focuses on works that deal with uprisings; the curators have attempted to deal with phenomenons like gesture or thoughts, but inevitably the exhibition quickly becomes dominated by politically themed art.

There were some interesting pieces on show, including Cartier-Bresson’s great photographs of the 1968 Parisian student revolts. I also really liked a piece by Sigmar Polke, an artist whose work I haven’t seen much of. Polke spray painted an image of protesters on to a large sheet made up of different sections of newspaper, with the resultant visual effect gritty and iconic.

Image result for sigmar polke schweiz

While there were some good works on show, this exhibition left me slightly cold. Despite a large space and lots of rooms, nothing particularly jumps out as really great, and the overall effect feels slightly muddled, the variety of pieces slightly too large for any kind of coherent message.


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