Light & Time: Second Film

Picking up from last time, my filming trip to London was very successful. Here is the finished film.

The theme here as ever is how to capture the modern city. Here I’ve attempted to create a montage.

The film is a good start but needs improvements, so I intend to create more and make a series of this idea.

Firstly the film gives you a headache, which in some ways I quite like, but generally I do feel the speed of the panning should be slower. The speeds should also be more or less unified throughout, so next time I will try and time the durations.

I made the mistake of not always panning in the same direction, which will be rectified next time by only panning from left to right. For some reason this is easier on the eye.

I would also really like to play with the transitions, making the film more illusionistic. This could be achieved by trying to pan on to brick walls or dark areas each time and then coming out in the next shot in very similar starting points; thus it would look like the camera had not turned off.


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