Light & Time: Continuing Ideas

My footage from the Goldsmiths open day sadly proved fairly unsuccessful. There were some snatches of good footage, particularly from the London Overground, but not enough to make a good film out of. The ideas were not unified and the footage from my mad homemade dolly was very very shaky.

Therefore I decided to change my ideas. My already established ideas were to try and make an interesting film concerning the streets of London, utilising the moving image in particular. This would continue in a new medium my own previous drawings and photographs of cities.

My influences were already Raoul Coutard and the opening scenes of Down by Law and Manhattan, where the camera roves around New Orleans and New York respectively.

Related image

Woody Allen/Gordon Willis- Manhattan 1979

Image result for vivre sa vie paris

Jean-Luc Godard/Raoul Coutard- Vivre Sa Vie 1962

I then had a breakthrough remembering that Adrian had shown us a great short surrealist film by Maya Deren called Meshes of the Afternoon, one scene in particular where Deren lifts her foot, then steps after a cut into a different landscape.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 1.38.00 PM.png

Maya Deren/Alexander Hamid- Meshes of the Afternoon 1943

This was a real breakthrough. I realised I could look at the illusionistic aspect of the cut, one of the cornerstones of cinematic art. I came up with an idea that could fit in with my neo-cubistic city ideas. This was that I would put the camera on a tripod, and then move the camera in a smooth pan around different streets. Then, by cutting them together, the film would become one continuous pan around London. Thusly I set out for the Slade open day with camera and tripod in hand.


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