Light & Time: Project Review

This has been my favourite of the two week projects.

It’s been brilliant to work freely in one of my favourite mediums, photography, as we had no set concept. Even more than this it was really great to work in a darkroom, which I’ve never done before, and would love to expand into.

Image result for william eggleston tate

William Eggleston… 

Similarly it was brilliant working with video. Aside from a few shorts I’ve never properly had the time or freedom to make a film, despite cinema being perhaps my favourite art form and one of my big influences.

Image result for le mepris poster

These reflective posts really make me think I’m just talking about myself far too much. 

It was also really great tying the project to my interest in 20th century modernism, via the photograms and my film, which was tied to early film projects like Man with a Movie Camera and Berlin: Symphony of a great city.

Image result for walter ruttmann berlin symphony of a metropolis

Walter Ruttman: Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Grostadt

It was nice to come full circle from reading Eisenstein’s theories of montage at the start of the year to being fully influenced by them in the last two week project. The editing stage was really fun using Final Cut Pro.

Image result for sergei eisenstein montage

Eisenstein’s diagrams for Alexander Nevsky

In conclusion then this project has encouraged me to use other media and explore film and photography further. I’ve really enjoyed the two week projects and am really looking forward to having greater freedom doing the fine art pathway.


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