FMP: Project Proposal

Shown here is the first draft of my ideas:

The concept of my project is intended to continue my interest in the urban landscape and the atmosphere of the nocturnal world, as well as formal concerns with photography, film and montage and continued interests in influences including pop art, street photography and European cinema. I want to continue my favourite ideas from parts 1 and 2 of the course while expanding into more ambitious territory, learning also from the mistakes and shortcomings of the work I’ve made this year.

I have decided to focus on, as a subject, a particular fixture in any large city, the underground subway network. I chose this theme as I feel the undergrounds, subways and metros of the world contain a concentration of all the things I find interesting in cities; an atmosphere of fear mixed with excitement, a sense of democracy, masses of unnoticed chance imagery and a certain light that comes from tubes of neon that I find very pretty.

What interests me in a grander sense is revealing the unnoticed and everyday as being interesting. I intend to make multiple works on this theme, which as the project progresses and which when presented may start to resemble or take the form of an installation. I am skirting saying that my actual intention is to make an installation purely so that my goals are realistic at the start and that the project does not become impossible to realise.

I am going to be assembling a big mass of information which will be arranged intuitively on the wall. I would like to focus on sound and collage, which I would rather refer to as montage, in particular. I am interested in making field recordings and sound collages that capture the slightly sinister ambience of the tunnels and mix this with the often surreal music that is performed by buskers. This will be played on a loop.

I would like the 2D work to be presented on the scale and in the manner of the posters that line the walkways of the London Underground and the Paris Metro, but the work won’t be posters, it will be imagery from photography of undergrounds, commuters,  and paintings that use the form of the dirty city wall as a form of collage, as in the work of Jacques Villegle and other French Nouveaux Realist artists from the 1960s.

If it is possible I would like also to make use of projected video. This will all be presented to the viewer simultaneously, hence the resemblance to installation art, in my mind of the kind that is made by William Kentridge or Wolfgang Tillmans, if one could call that installation. I would like to recreate the feeling of being in a subway station.


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