FMP: Further Development

Initially I intended to create an installation of multiple different works on the wall, barraging the viewer. But, with further development, and taking into account the feedback from the proposal presentation, I decided that I could achieve the same effect using much simpler means, via projection.

I was particularly taken by the idea of projecting on to a collage, from the feedback at the proposal. I like the idea of moving the project away from something heavily concept based to something a little bit more formalistic. I really like the idea of making a collage split into several sections, and then projecting a corresponding split screen video on to this. It would look like several different moving pictures! This could be an interesting montage exploration,  and be somewhere between a painting… and a movie.

I still link this back to a great piece of art I saw in New York last year by Bruce Conner called Three Screen Ray. It is three screens of rapid footage playing simultaneously, with the soundtrack by Ray Charles. It is still one of the only film pieces I have seen in a gallery that has held my attention properly. It was so fun to see it! I would like to make something like this, that people will enjoy watching and have fun watching.

Image result for bruce conner three screen ray

Still from Three Screen Ray by Bruce Conner.

I made lots of quick drawings in my sketchbook:


Projecting on to a collage made of tiles and splitting the screen into three. I decided these ideas respectively were too simple, and too impractical for video sizing.


Splitting the screen into lots of tiny tiles. I still really like this idea but at the moment it is too hard. Also a big list of ideas for the collage/video relationship.


Thinking of how projecting video on to three different colours could change the appearance of each portion of video in each section. Then I had the idea of adding other portions to the collage outside the video which would be lit by strip lights, but I think I don’t want to be too ambitious, and it would be better to have attention focused on the video. The four boxes motif at the bottom has become the main idea for what will be the actual design.


In the top half I worked out how the video and collage will relate to each other, and decided I would need to speak to the photography technician Adrian. At the bottom my idea was to create a collage surface that emphasised perspective and vanishing point, and then project films on to it that would feature zooms and emphasised vanishing points. I will do this another time.


Some more ideas of making a bigger installation with other still paintings stuck around. Again, a bit too complicated.


A few other ideas that I kind of knew were too much but I wanted to write them down so that I would remember. Three projectors surround the viewer; one projector which lights three collages at different points in the room, so it’s like three paintings with moving images again. So many possibilities!



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