FMP: Designing a Collage-Screen

To recap: the idea is to create a film which uses a screen split into four videos. This will be projected on to a corresponding collage-screen, also split into four, of dimensions 167 x 220 centimetres.

I set about working out how to cover this space. I found that I could obtain a large number of small canvases for a low price. These measure 50 x 50 cm. In the sketchbook I made a lot of detailed diagrams working out how the whole thing would work. As shown below, I planned out an arrangement of a grid of canvases, and then designed what will appear on each one. I find this way of working more or less essential. I like to plan everything out, I don’t feel I’m particularly good at just attacking the canvas.

Scan 10Scan 11Scan 12Scan 13Scan 14Scan 15


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