FMP: Making a Collage-Screen

The process of production was very straightforward after the designs had been made.

In the past I have had technical problems keeping collages stuck down so I did a bit of research and found that some people find acrylic gloss medium is excellent as an adhesive. This has turned out to be more or less true, it’s good stuff.


For the top left quarter I intended to have a mock brickwork pattern. I drew this on in pencil before adding layers of ink and occasionally some impasto paint.

One divergence from the design is the top right quarter, which I originally wanted to be a torn poster decollage. However I came into possession of a lot of cardboard and felt the effect would be interesting. I was also pretty unsure as to how to pull of the decollage effect. This was a simple matter of gluing.


Bottom left quarter is simply large pieces of coloured card attached to the canvas. This took quite a few gluing attempts, mostly weighing down with a book.


The bottom right quarter was the most fun to make, with lots of elements made into a collage, including receipts, tickets, maps, pages ripped from a japanese book i found, beer labels and some studio ephemera, including some writing by my friend.

The whole thing is too large to put together, so I laid some of it out on the studio floor. The effect so far is more or less what I intended.



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