FMP: Visiting London and Going to Exhibitions

I went to London twice to shoot the footage for my film, which was fairly straightforward. I used a small digital camera, the trusty Olympus OM-D, which was great as it takes very high quality video but is also really small and light. I experimented with very static shots as well as taking very long handheld tracking shots through long tunnels. This will all be clearer in the finished film.

While I was there I visited some current exhibitions. First I went to see Eduardo Paolozzi at the Whitechapel Gallery. This was really great, I particularly liked his series of screenprints inspired by the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. They are really dense and colourful, I would love to know how on earth he created the designs.

Image result for paolozzi wittgenstein

Eduardo Paolozzi – Wittgenstein in New York

Another really interesting exhibition was by an artist from Ghana, Ibrahim Mahama. I think it is  important to find out about artists who aren’t from the West so this was really fun. His work is mostly made up of found materials, he is sort of like the Rauschenberg of Ghana. My favourite piece I saw in London was this work by him called Non Orientable Nkansa, which is made out of boxes used by shoeshine guys on the streets in Ghana. They store all their stuff inside and also use them as a drum to attract more customers. There was so much hidden detail in the work you could look at it for hours, things like pictures of George W Bush pasted on to the boxes. Also the scale of it was pretty overwhelming.

Related image

Finally I also saw the Deutsche Boerse Prize at the Photographer’s Gallery, which is sort of like the Turner Prize of photography. One entry I really liked was the series Imperial Courts by Dana Lixenberg, who photographed people in LA 25 years after the riots.

Image result for dana lixenberg

My favourite however was the work by the duo Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs. Their work is based on road trips they take as a pair. They have already been to America so they decided to a road trip through a little-seen part of the world, Eurasia, in places like Kazakhstan and Mongolia. The things they found are completely surreal and have made amazing photographs. They show these as slides which I really liked, alongside 16mm films which are very beautiful.

Zaha by Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs (2013)


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