FMP: Reflecting on the Film

With the film and soundtrack now finished completely, I have watched it a few times and had some thoughts about whether I like it, and what would I change.

There are things about the film I really like, for instances I think stylistically the film works really well. There are black and white saturated shots that I really like, and there are moments with lots of unity where each shot is accentuating vanishing points and perspectives in underground tunnels really well. I also am happy with the capturing of the artificial light, which was one of my initial goals. The soundtrack is also nice, I think it fits really well with the mood of the visuals.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 13.53.30

If I could make the film again, or even recut it, I think I would make some changes. I would ideally like to have spent longer filming, but as this required going to London, I decided to limit costs and do it all over a few days. There are definitely things I would love to focus on and accentuate more as themes, for instance the isolation of figures reduced to silhouettes in tunnels that appears in spots of the film. The whole thing is quite scattershot, naturally, because I had to work quickly, not much time for deliberation. It might be better stripped back of a lot of some of the more outlandish footage, for instance I would like to lose any shot that doesn’t have some kind of tunnel perspective effect. The length isn’t necessarily the problem – the film is 15 minutes long though is really intended as a loop without beginning or end – just the variety of different ideas being thrown around.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 13.53.10

More of this.

I would also love to incorporate the visual style of the film into a more conventional narrative film, I think this would be more interesting although perhaps not as a gallery piece. Luckily these are all ideas I hopefully will be able to put into practice next year if I go to university in London as planned.

Now I am interested in seeing what the film will look like projected on to a big collage as planned. I hope it will all go okay as this has never been tested before, it will really be a case of seeing if it works when everything is set up.


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